Thursday, November 25, 2010

Severe eye infection from AquaTech plus contact lenses

Please help if you have any information on infections caused by AquaTech plus contact lenses!!!!  My 16 year old daughter was switched to AquaTech plus contact lenses recently. She had no prior issues with contacts. She has been wearing contacts for over 2 years now. We were told by the eye doctor that AquaTech plus contacts were better for her eyes. About 2 to 3 weeks after she got them we moved to Florida and she started to wear the AquaTech plus. She had some irritation one day, but we thought maybe she just got something in her eye. She didn't wear them for about a week. Than started to wear them again and about 2 weeks later she was complaining of irritation again. It was a Friday night she took them out threw them away and flushed her eye with visine. Saturday when she woke up her eye lid was swollen and red. Sunday when she woke up it was swollen shut. Monday morning I took her to the  ophthalmologist her eye ball was white, no color at all and had stuff coming out it was horrible. The doctor said she had the WORSE corneal ulcer he ever saw. He had to send us to a specialist. That doctor could no believe her eye was that bad so fast. She said she also never saw such a infection that bad especially that fast. She sent us to another doctor. He said he really felt she would lose her eye. He did a culture of the puss from her eye and started her on a aggressive eye drop every hour around the clock. On Tuesday when she woke up her eye was so bad it looked like red jelly and just new my daughter was going to lose her eye. We went back to the doctor and he said the infection was from the contacts and he started her on special eye drop that they made based on the culture. She now has 3 different eye drop we do every hour around the clock and we are on week 3. She is blind in that eye and we don't know if she will ever get her eye sight back. We think she will be able to save the eye. I'm looking for ANY one that knows anything about AquaTech plus lenses. My daughter is in 11th grade she made varsity basketball starting position (very good) just getting her permit to drive and now she can not do either because of a contact!!! I need to no if this is an issue with the contacts or information on were I can go to find out if it is an issue with the contacts.